Thursday, May 17, 2012

Happy belated Mother's Day!!! 
Story of my life...I'm a little late with this Mother' Day wish for all you wonderful Moms out there! I hope you had a FANTASTIC day!!!
Brad, Braxton, and I took off for our first camping trip in 2012!! We went to Pierce and had SOOO much F*U*N!!! 
I had a wedding party to do hair for Saturday, so while I did that, the boys got to go fishing with Braxton's Buddy, Gene Werner!  They each caught a fish, that we later enjoyed for supper:)  It is so cute hearing Braxton repeat things he hears...he told an older gentleman that he caught a wool-eye, and a cwop-eee.  After we told him the correct pronunciation he giggled and now says it right.  I almost think it's cuter to not correct him sometimes;)
 I don't even recall what Brad was pointing at as I took this picture, but I love it!!!
 This little turkey was chasing me around the boat with a minow..and YES, I was freaked out by it!  Braxton thoroughly enjoyed teasing me!!!
 My boyz:)
 Roasting/burning the marshmallows:)  Braxton later decided he would just eat the candy bars instead!  Just like Grandpa Bob I hear;)
 Braxton has all Brad's toys from 30+ years ago...and look at this adorable field he disced up!!!
Captain Braxton
Happy Mother's Day to  me.....Look at them cute little chubby cheeks that his life jacket is pushing up!  He fell asleep about 30 mins into fishing Sunday! 
Braxton gave me the sweetest flower he made at school, and a very funny card...
Thanks boyz for a special Mother's Day!!!

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