Friday, May 18, 2012

hEy! HeY! hEY!!!

For awhile now, we have been at the "hey why" stage around our place!  Brad and I always laugh at our responses to some of his questions...others we look confused and not sure how to answer...
For instance:
"hey mom, why don't you have a pee pee like me and daddy??"

Let me's not that I strut around naked in front of my child, but what mom out there actually gets to use the bathroom without little ones barging in?!?! Let's get real!!!
Yesterday, as we were driving, Braxton sees a cop..and WOW did the questions roll!!
"hey mom, did you see that cop?!"
"hey mom, I don't like cops cuz they are bad"
I explained to him that cops aren't bad guys..and that cops arrest bad guys.
"hey mom, will they take you to jail?"
no!!  Only if you are naughty and don't listen to your mommy and daddy :)
"hey mom, I want the cops to pull you over and then come to my house to see my new bed"
???O child of mine!!!
"hey mom, I want to be a bad cop okay?!"
Oh Braxton!
"hey mom, I'm gunna be a bad guy and the cops will get me and take me to jail, okay mom?!"
So, you all remember this someday....I PRAY he is a good boy:) 
I had so much fun running errands with Braxton..he really is my memory! We were driving away and he reminds me of Brad's glasses that we were supposed to drop off...
Later, he asks me if we are going back to 'the target' to get Calli her present...CRAP! YES!
I just love how he calls it, 'The Target'
We obviously keep our child up too late because we have been hearing a lot lately, 'Mom, can I go take a nap now?" Oops!
Having a 3 year old at our house is SOOO fun, and challenging at the same time.  He is just starting with the talking back...oh fun times yet to come!
Everyday is a FUN day at our house,reguardless of the late nights, early mornings, and attitudes:)

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