Sunday, July 15, 2012

Fair Times

Braxton has really been into art lately,whether it be chalk, paint, or markers!

 We bared the heat Friday night and went to the Madison County fair.  Braxton LOVED the animals!  His favorite was the bunnies!!!
 He thought it was hilarious that the sheep wanted to eat his fan!!!
 Guess we watch swamp people a little too often...he enjoyed the alligators!!  He was glad 'they had their mouths roped shut!!'
 So this looks enjoyable, right?!  2 laps into it, bloody screams and tears were going!  I was that parent who had the ride stopped so he could get off:)
 Ohh...but the slide was GREAT fun!!!!
 What better way to end the evening?!  We stopped at the local 'cafe' to see Uncle Lyle. Braxton got to enjoy his first taste of sasparilla!!!!  And, he really didn't care for it! WHEW!! He actually had more fun blowing bubbles into it!  I don't believe this pop tasting will happen again!!  But, it was fun to try ONCE!
The boys went to the monster trucks Saturday, (without me--yep, I'm still bitter!!)  They didn't bring any pictures, but they have been telling me lots of stories!!  

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