Friday, July 13, 2012


Happy Friday the 13th!(for those of you who are supersticious...look out:))
I woke up this happy day to a nice ice cold UNWANTED ice cold shower.  Seems after the gas company left yesterday, there was a slight malfunction, and my pilot light was not lit this morning:(  It got me thinking, that when your day starts off the way you aren't wanting, you just have to GET OVER IT, because I believe if you make the comment, "uh, can it get any worse??"--you are challenging something...and YES it can get worse! We all got out the door on time, with snacks, our show and share toy, and our bike for bike day!  WHEW!  I even had to wake Brax this morning!  He had a very exhausting playdate with Grandma Sheri yesterday!!  I think they played with every toy possible (inside the house and out!!)
Tonight we are hoping to take Braxton to one of  the many fairs going on around the area...Madison, Platte, and Boone are going...hate that they are at the same time!
The boys went to the combine demo in Albion Tuesday while I worked:(  I'm soooo unbelieveably jealous, but I LOVE the relationship the boys have!  They are such buddies!!  Brad is teaching him so much, and I don't think either of them realize it!!! Can ya tell I'm sad to be left behind?!  I didn't realize that at the age of 3 Braxton would be on the go so much!
Next week Braxton starts another round of swimming lessons!  I am so excited!! We feel that lessons are a must, so hopefully he enjoys them as well:)
Looks like the start of a beautiful weekend..although we will keep praying for rain!!!
(pictures to follow soon!)

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