Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I am so thankful that when it comes time to laundry, Brad may not do much, but he has ALWAYS emptied out his pockets! It's minor,but I am so thankful for that!  Well, I wasn't aware that at 3, I would have to start checking my sons pockets:) are the "treasures" I found in my dryer vent:)
 Welcome Home Pinkee!!  Braxton was SSSOOOO excited when he called his daddy and daddy said YES to the fish!!  Braxton thought we should name her Pinkee since she is pink!  He's so clever.  I didn't have the heart to tell him Pinkee really is a as Braxton reads this blog when he is a teenager, I guess he will find out the truth...

 Braxton was SUPER excited when he got up Tuesday morning and I surprised him with a trip to the State Fair! Cutest Cowboy there!!!
 I'm loving that he isn't as scared of the he used to be!
 He kept telling me the whole drive there that he couldn't wait to see the zebras!  I felt bad telling him there wouldn't be any.  He was getting the zoo and the fair mixed up.  BOY oh BOY did he put me in my place when he saw zebras!  Guess I'm the one who gets things confused!!  Can you just see him saying, "see mom, I TOLD you there was Zebras here!!!!!"
 I don't think I have ever seen a porcupine!?!?!?

 We went to go on the Strawberry ride, and he decided he didn't want to.  He told me he was scared, and was going to cry and whine!!! HA!  But, being the mom I am, I made him go on....
 ...And THIS is him spinning in circles in the strawberry!!!!!!!!  So, mean mom you still say?!?!?
That smile makes me SMILE!!!!!
I had so much fun with you Braxton!!!  I Love our little trips together (although we did miss daddy)

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