Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Buzz Buzz

I believe summer is over:(  Although we are looking forward to some possible fall camping!  We headed out to Chief White Crane-Yankton camping  this past weekend with some friends!  Braxton had a blast!  We ate waaay to much, drank a little;0), and slept some!  We had a weekend of NO naps! It has always proved to be true, the better the nap, the better the night.  We knew that we had a few extra days to whip him back into shape if it got too bad!  Saturday night he fell asleep after the game around 6:30, and managed to somewhat sleep til morning..he got up 7 times and was restless, but we made it thru! We were thinking he would be up and ready to party at 3am!HA!
Sunday night he went to 'nap' at 5pm, and did not get up til 6AM!!!  CRAZY!  Brad and I both knew this would be a one-weekend kind of thing!!  So, back to regular naps we go!
I am sooo proud of Brax!  I think...now, I say THINK that maybe, just maybe he is outgrowing the whiny stage!!  He is doing things on his own so well, and not even whining about it.  It's like over night he is a big boy!! WHEW!!!  He is SO into coloring right now! He woke up at 6 today and just wanted to color!  I'm loving ALL the picture he is making me! 
Braxton likes to ride his bike, but when he can't go up a hill or he gets stuck, typically he'd whine, but now that he's a big boy, he just figured it out.  I had to laugh.  We were riding for awhile, and his legs got tired, so he got off and ran with his bike, he kept saying, "I have to go get more energy!"  FUNNY!!  Next time I need energy, I should try runnin:)
 ..and he was OUT..so sweet!
 Again, he makes me chuckle. Brad was backing up, and there I turn to Braxton motioning him to keep coming:) Team work!
Well, my sweet little man has been asking for over a year...................
 To look like Daddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 AHHHH!!!!!!!!!!  I can't believe I did it!!!!!  He was so sad when I gave him his usual, he said, 'make it a buzz buzz like my daddy, please momma!?"  He just looks so awnry!!
And here they are:)
Awhile ago I posted how he just wants to do everything with daddy, and how sad I was.  WHY didn't any of you warn me?!!  That wasn't nothing compared to now!!!!!!! He is attached to Brad!!!  All the way down to needing khaki shorts on when Brad wears his, or a tank top, or short sleeves...it's nuts!  He LOVES his daddy!! ( I hope he loves me, too) HA
Happy September!

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