Sunday, September 9, 2012

Better Late

I wish I had a better 'before' picture..but of course I wasn't thinking!  A great friend and I redid our kitchen table! I am SO excited to have it back and finished!  I didn't realize how much we actually used our table, until it was gone.  We typically use our island, but them chairs are being replaced, too-so we had picnics on the floor:)
 Our table was Brad's parents, or grandparents, I'm not exactly sure, but pretty safe to say it was getting old and shabby-
 Braxton says it is 'so cool' now!  I just LOVE it!  We antiqued it to match a hutch I already have in our kitchen.
 I have to say pictures don't quite show all the fine detail, so stop and see it in person!  Even Brad likes know, the man of few words!
 Christmas at my grandparents is few and far inbetween.  My grandpa has a lot of health issues, along with my uncle, so a lot of company stirs things up.  We typically just go there for brief visits.  They were able to make it to Braxton's birthday party, but we figured birthday presents and Christmas presents at once would be too, they surprised us Thursday night with a visit!  Braxton was so glad to see them!  He got a zhu zhu pet, that he loves, a soft blanket, and a puppy pillow pet! He loves them pillows! I don't think he will ever get tired of them..we now have 4!
 He turned and just started squeezing Great Grandma!
We had a laid back weekend.  I worked Saturday, then watched the game with some friends.  Braxton enjoyed getting to stay at Gpa Johns & Gma Sherri's.  Today we made a quick trip shopping for the neccessities.  I am having my first and last garage sale this next weekend!  Selling the remainder of Braxton's baby clothes if anyone is interested! Friday from 8-5 and Saturday 8-1.   Now, I'm just left to go price things..ugh:(
Hope everyone had a great weekend.  Weather was GREAT!

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