Monday, September 24, 2012

Color Me Pink

Another weekend come and gone.
Friday night we worked the fooball game (lost to St.Francis).  Braxton got to hang out with Grandma & Grandpa B. til the last quarter Brad brought him down.  In that short time he got starbursts, popcorn, & gatorade. On the way home he told me he can't wait to go to another game:)  Uncle Dillon plays for S.F., but being in the concessions we didn't catch any of the game. 
Brad took off for Red Cloud to work on their hunting man cave.  Braxton got to go to his home-away-from-home, (Debbie Benders) while I did a color run in Norfolk.  I met an old co-worker, so it was fun catching up!!  The Norfolk Panthers Dance team held the fun as a fundraiser--they made it to Florida for dance competition!
The rest of the weekend we rearranged/cleaned.  Trying to make room in our house just doesn't seem to work!?  Brads little sister, Kelly turned 29, so we grilled Sunday night.  She brought buntinis, and Braxton was WIRED after that chocolate!!  The Hoefers brought him Herman as well (Thanks guys!)
 He was so happy to get to bring this guy home!
 Brad laughed at me and couldn't understand why I gave the turtle 'logs'...I wanted him to feel at home:)  and p.s.  Herman likes them sticks!
 Braxton can make the "B" and "b" now.  He is SO proud of his work!!!  And so are we!!!
 Can you see that?! Braxton (in his fireman hat) went walking with Grandma Sherri the other night!  TOO CUTE!!!
 Part of our nightly routine now is to have an ice cream cone.  At first he wouldn't eat any of the cone, now he is into taking a bite or two...funny kid!

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