Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Dirty Run

What a weekend!!! 
Last week, Brad left for Minnesota on a fishing trip.  He was SO excited...Braxton on the other hand was sad:(  He gave Brad a dinosaur to scare away the sharks, a flashlight incase it got dark, and a picture of a boat he drew:)  (What a sweetie!!!)  While Brad was gone, I had what I was calling 'my first and last garage sale'.  I knew going into it that I would never do it again.  Yep, I was right!  NOT MY THING!!!  But, it was a huge success, so that's good.  I finally got our garage back to its messy normal.  So, along with the working, garage sale, and running, Braxton got to spend time with some of his favorite people!!  Saturday I ran in the "dirty girl mud run" race by Lincoln.  A portion of the proceeds went to breast cancer awareness.  Typcially with each race I get my usual anxiety, but it's getting better with each run I do.  I ran with some FuN gals!  There were over 4600 women!!  Brax got to hang out with Grandpa Bob, and Uncle Chad!  Braxton has been telling me stories about pigs, what they eat, how Uncle Chad got him dirty, how Grandpa gave him 'a hot beef sandwich and it never burnt his mouth' , how he took nap with Grandpa, and most importantly, "Brad, Braxton, and Bob all start with a B, but mom you don't!!"  So, educational day with Grandpa:)  When I was little I remember going with dad while he worked on curtain machines in hog sheds...so it was a little trip down memory lane to hear Brax tell pig stories!
The best surprise was Saturday night when Braxton got to go drive the combine with Alan Bender!!!  He asked his typical 100+ questions, but hey, that's how you learn!!
Sunday, Braxton's favorite Taylor came and played while I helped with rolls at church!  YUMMY!!!
SO, it was a weekend of fun things!
The before...
 ...and THE DIRTY GIRLS after!!!
 We all learned after the 2nd pit that we need to shut our mouths as we crawl through mud!!!HA!
 Almost forgot...most importantly, Taylor walked Braxton up to the book fair!!  He LOVES to be read to!  I love when he sits down with a book, and pretends to tell the story by looking at what is happening on the page.  The train one is his favorite right now, just because their names are 'toot & puddle'...he GIGGLES...goof ball!!

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