Monday, November 26, 2012

Thankful Thanksgiving

I'm a little late, but I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! We hosted my dad & Jody, my mom & little Brother, my big bro and his family, and Brad's older sister and family...we had a houseful! (the rest of Brad's family went to Pittsburgh by his littlest sister)(my sis was at her inlaws) It was fun being able to make all the food on my new appliances:)  It is quite nice having 2 ovens!!!  I think all the food was good?!?? 
Saturday night we went to Brad' Gma Korths...Braxton LOVES playing at 'Grandma Korfus's house'
This is my little brother getting attacked by Harper.Charli.Braxton
 Pile up on Aunt Brenda.Harper.Duck.Braxton
 Brax was thrilled to decorate his LHF Bulldog tree over the weekend!
 Mr.  Muscles got coveralls like daddy:)
 Braxton got to go pheasant hunting with daddy, Gene, Brandon, and a few others Sunday.  It made his day!!
My dad's brother, Ivan, passed away last night.  He is in a peaceful place and out of pain now.  It has been VERY hard on all my dad's siblings, and their kids, and kids' kids.  Ivan was such a laid back, worry-free, easy going guy.  While we are all missing him greatly, Heaven gained one great Angel!!!

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