Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Not Forgotten...

It was a crazy March....a week into the month, my computer crashed...as in, no picutres remain:(  Was a mess of a day, to say the least.  I was able to contact my clients and get the salon books figured out (Somewhat), and had a few great men try and retrieve anything possible, with no luck...so it may be a little while til I post pictures...but, life goes on and things can only get better!!!
So, Easter was a success for Braxton!  I cannot tell you how many times he hid the eggs, and found them, and we even got to find a few, too:)  He is curious as to how a bunny gets around to leave eggs and presents?!  (And the questions begin)  We have been having so much fun playing outside every chance we get!  Braxton even got the courage to go the the nighbors, knock on the door, and see if the kids could come out and play!  For ya'll who know my child, THAT was pretty big of him!  He's pretty shy! (til ya get to know him)  We cannot wait til the warm weather is here to stay! 
We got the potatoes planted on Good Friday...just in time for them to get a little bit of rain!  SO, the garden is underway as well!  
Other than work, daycare, outside playing, things have been pretty much the same around here...I will hopefully be getting a new computer eventually, so I can post pictures of Brax!  He seems to be growing up so much!  He is excited for his 4th Birthday party at the end of this month!  He has chosen "Pirates & Cowboys" as his theme!?!?  Guess that's what I get for letting him pick!   We will see how I can inter twine the tow together?!  Should be interesting! 
Have A GREAT April!!!

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