Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I have tried 4 times to upload pics on Brads computer...and failed miserably..so this is my last attempt..sorry!    Braxton has been turning into a dare devil, jumping off couches, (although he reminds us his Cousin, Harper, broke his legs doing this, so he 'be careful, mom:)' ...and he even managed to get courage to ring the neighbor kids' door to ask if they would play...they have a dog, so those of you who know him, know how this is a BIG deal!  Now that he is almost 4, he tells us he can 'do it myself' for a lot of things.  We ARE NOT complaining!  He is super excited for his pirate-cowboy birthday party theme he has picked out?!! 
Since I am not sure why the pictures loaded this way, I will explain the best I can:)  The cute little chicky he made me at Little Saints.  The couch pics are pretty self explained!  He is soooo into super man, and spider man right now!!!
He does wear his helmet when riding on the 4 wheeler, but this was just a picture taking shot!  Notice, he is in jammies:)
He was excited about the LHF Easter Egg hunt!!
I had to quick capture the boys riding their 4 wheelers together!  Braxton is sooo excited Brads 4 wheeler finally made it back from hunting grounds! 
Since I couldn't get all the pics uploaded..more to follow!

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