Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Happy Father's Day

How many excuses can I find for not blogging?!!  The main one, after my computer crashed, I have not gotten a new one yet!  So thankful Brad will share his:)
Newman Grove had their Q125 Celebration in June.  So, Brad was excited to put his tractor in the Car show and dtive it in the parade for the first time!  Not sure which one of my boys was most excited!!!? 
 Very proud little boy!
 I believe he's been driving it a little more than I knew about..because he handles it like a pro!
At the parade, Braxton was excited to have his Buddy Uncle Chad there...I know they both looked thrilled, but it was cute watching him go cuddle up on Chad in 90Degree weather!  These two tease each other ssooooo much!  Reminds me back to when Chad was mean...I mean...when Chad teased me:)
 Braxton's new summer sitter, Erika, (on 3rd horse) is Braxtons FAVORITE sitter of all time!!!  He practically ran up to the horse to get her attention...and this child is SCARED of horses!!   He LOVES her!!!
 Just a typical thing to see on a Sunday Funday drive....
 Happy Father's Day!  We spent Father's Day weekend camping, but then Brad drove all day and night Sunday to Iowa to pick up our new trailer...so we got to spend Fathers Day with my family!  Which was great!!  We even got to go play at the Preister's..where Charli had me running her obstacle course...WEW!!!  Aunt Manda is outta shape!!!
 Beautiful rainbow on our way home!!!
 And once again...blessed with the flu...I lounged around most the day...while Braxton took care of me.  He helped himself to the tape and paper, and made himself a road!  Pretty clever!!!  Thankfully no one else caught the bug!

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