Monday, June 3, 2013

What you don't see...

Well, it's few are far between with the blog updates, now that it is CAMPIN SEASON!  We got a new (to us) camper earlier this year, but put it straight to storage, so we were anxious to get it out Memorial Weekend!  It was such a nice, long weekend!  Cool and breezy, but for us who do not own a boat, we don't need warm water:)
What is camping, without the worm farm for fishing?!!

 Uncle Lyle was  nice enough to let Braxton onto his boat at the Lindsay puddle.  What you cannot see, is that the rest of the boat is on solid ground!!  We didn't have our life jackets along, so this was as close as he was getting to a boat ride:) 
 Well, Jerry  (neighbor) always tops us ALL with his birthday gifts to Braxton.  He BUILT him a quonset!!!  As you can see how excited he is, he ran outside with MY shoes somewhat on!!!
 And it just fits so lovely in our rustic (aka AGED) basement!  He had it filled with all his farm equipment fast!
 After 3 great years at Little Saints Daycare in Humphrey, we had our last day.  While it being bitter sweet, we made this little thank you pot for the daycare and Subway gift cards for the staff.  We will miss them all so much!!!

 This is the only pic I have snapped while camping...we are just too busy to take time for pictures!  
After Memorial Day, and visiting grave sites, Braxton has been full of questions....He is so concerned at knowing if bugs and worms will crawl on you after you pass away when you are in your tasket (as he called it).  He also brought up missing Uncle Ivan in the midst of it all...we ALL miss you Uncle Ivan!
Last night Braxton asked me if he could still live with us when he is in high school...haaa...of course  I told him!  He was referring to college I believe.  He told me he will miss me and daddy when he moves to school, but I shouldn't worry because he will come back and visit, and maybe even stay over night with us!  This child's imagination!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Today, though, he got registered for Pre School!!!  Let the fun begin:)

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