Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Back Track...

Finally pictures from Preister Camping at Timberlake!
Braxton loves when he gets to see Great Grandpa Allen and Grandma Allen (as he refers to her)

 Pitch.Swing.Hit!!!  This was the first time he was able to hit the ball repeatedly when pitched to!  He was so excited...maybe tee ball next year?!
 On our way to horse back riding..thinking there was NO way he would do it...
 ..prove mom wrong again!  LOVED It...well, he did, I was scared!

So thankful for the weekend we got to spend with the Preister's!  We didn't do much with my dads family growing up, and seeing how much we missed out on...makes me sad, but we are making up lost time now!  Such a fun family!!!  Braxton is really getting to know extended cousins!  LOVE IT!!

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