Thursday, December 19, 2013

Remember this....

As we're driving this morning, here's our conversation!, can we watch Spider-Man today when we get home?
Braxton....the one where he's a real man, but turns into the Spider-Man guy with red and blue on...okay mom?! Hey mom, can we watch your wedding video?
Mom...we can, but it may be kind of boring....
Braxton....I don't think it will be mom.  Mom, when i get married, will I have a video of my wedding?
Mom...I'm sure you will, if you want one.  
Braxton, yea mom, I want one.  You need to remember, okay mom? You better write it down mom.  So you don't forget.  You always forget.  
Mom...I know buddy.  I'm sorry.  Yes, I'll write it down. 
Braxton....thanks mom're welcome buddy

The conversations we have!!!!!   
Brad and I are going yo a sawyer brown christmas concert tonight (yes, brads thrilled!) and Braxton says it's not fair there are so many things for adults to do, and not kids!   Ha!!!  We rarely go this made me laugh!!   Little dies he know, he's going to somewhere much more fun!!!!!grandpa bobs!!!!   

It's exciting as I wrap presents and set them under the tree for Braxton from us....he can hardly wait!   He will be so excited to see what Santa brings....less than one week!!!!!!!!!

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