Sunday, December 15, 2013

Tis the season...

Brads gone on yet another hunting trip...trying to get another wall hanger I suppose?!  Braxton and I enjoyed our Friday night being silly...and watching toy story 2 and 3!!
He asked me to dare the circles.   He is SO into the planets!!!!!!!   The picture on the iPad was his inspiration.   He would look at the letters and then write them.  So proud of him!!!   Sum, instead of sun:) and the r in mercury makes me smile!!!

Braxton?????!!!    For show and tell they had to bring an item and then give it away to the less fortunate.   He wanted to give MY stuffed animal that he found that is purple.  Nope. He gave some of his favorite blocks.  He was a little sad, but he did great giving them up!!!
I will never get tired of snapping photos of him sleepmg.  So sweet and innocent!!
He was heloing daddy scoop.   So I had to grab a picture.  He wears this hat ALL the time!!!!!!!
Preister Christmas.  
Colleen, Brandon, Alex, Braxton, Harper, Harley, Logan, Ashtyn, Charli, Paul, Henry, Lizzy

SCARED to death of the knocking ST nick was doing!!!   He said he as scared because he'd been naughty.  Also said he might throw up he was so scared:(

Airplanes and hungry hippo st nick brought!!!
 A little ornament making....
So, decided to clean out my stuff at my dads after 14 years...found this gem!!!!!   It was my college graduation!!!
My wreath I made!
Thanks aunt Jen for the car holder!!!
Movie Frozen in colorado!!!!!
Chippy joined us for our ride home from colorado

Gpa and Brax
Bob sled team???!!!!
Dad and his girls!!!!!
Gpa and Gma with monkeys
Into the movie....

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