Sunday, February 2, 2014


We made cookies for the new fire chief!!!:)

A few fun night pictures...
Doing some final touches...
Almost ready...
He said he's uncle Paul...with his chains hanging.
Catholic schools week!!    We got to eat lunch with Braxton!!!
Love this!   They were having their own little conversation!!
At Barnes and noble story time!!!!  Smoothies and popcorn were next!!
Build a bear!!!
Or batman monkey!!!
And then Ferris wheel ride at scheels!!!!    My scardy cat loved it and wanted to go again.....turns out mommy couldn't handle it. :/ this picture was the before!
Captain Hook.  He wanted to take apples and bananas for snack...I didn't have 13, so chocolate chip cookies it was!!!!
He made flash cards he told me:)
Finally!!!!!!!   We have no where to go today!!!!!!   And woke up to a little snow...I forsee sledding in our future!!!!

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