Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Braxton woke up with a terrible runny nose, high fever, and crabbiness!!!!  It was our first weekend to stay home and it was a Bummer he was sick, but thankful we had no where to go and didn't miss anything!!!
Scary, but I look worse than my sick patient!!!
At one point he said he felt like he was dying...I'm assuming that's pretty miserable?!  Poor fella. 
We started on our valentines bags!!!!   No clue what will go in them...but the bags are coming along!!!
So!!!   It finally snowed!!!!   And didn't melt within minutes.  We weren't able to sled Saturday due to Brax being sick...and it wasn't really enough snow, either.
We rednecked it!!!!  It was only7 degrees out!!!!
I love how bundled he is!   Like little Eskimos!!!
Hmm...a little duck tape goes a longways!!!
And a broken sock does too!!!   Sock puppets!!
And tomorrow is a late start...which means school from 12:30-3:25 instead of 8-11.  He's SUPER excited for no nap tomorrow!!!  I think that'll make going to daycare a little easier!!  I feel like by the time he finally starts to enjoy daycare he will not be gong anymore!!!
We have this "thing" gong in at our house lately.  We have to raise our hand if we want to put Braxton to bed and who gets to read to him is chosen by the person who is jumping up and down screaming "pick me pick" the loudest....I typically win, but tonight I let Brad do the teeth brushing/ flossing, ointment applications (for exzema), book reading and glass of water getting.   I'm taking the night off;) to catch up the blog of course!!!
I'm excited to enjoy our last few free weekends!!    Soon enough it'll be work on Saturdays for dances, weddings, prom....alumni coming up and we work it for booster club...then the kickoff of weddings and camping will be here!!!   I'm so anxious to see our camper again!!!!!!!!

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