Sunday, February 16, 2014

Valentines day overload!!

Our owls were a success!   Glad there was only 13 classmates, and cousins to do!  They were time comsuming!!
Whilst cleaning Brads bathroom, I come out to this little fellow working out. 
He looks upset, but really wasn't.  That's he spot where he eats;)  perfect little snack place. I told him he looks like a little boy who just got into trouble. 
I took Braxton and his buddy, Gavin, to the lego movie.  The screen bulb overheated and the movie quit 20 mins into it:(.  Bummer.  The boys are pretty easy going and didn't seem to mind. 
My favorite dove chocolates !!
My best friends surprise 30th party!!
Braxton actually wanted to write out his valentines.  He told me just to write all the names and he could take it from there.  He did fantastic!!
Cheesy smile:) his boat he made at school?!  The 2nd & 3rd graders got to help the, decorate their boxes.  He was excited Sage Frauendorfer got to help him!!  ( snowman in the background is now put away)
His little robot;)
This was only schools candy.  He then got candy from cousins, gmas, gpas, friends  at daycare.  Ugh. Tooooooo much!!!!
So, he didn't want a haircut, so I trimmed around the ears and neck and spiked it.  He hates his hair spiked.  So I thought once he saw how long it was he would let me cut it, nOPe!!  That's is 10,000 calorie kiss from aunt Kelly!
We opted to not make 30+ more daycare treats, so we made a huge tote of popcorn  and mms for movie time. 
When Braxton got up he asked, " daddy, what did you get me for valentines day?!?"  Um.... Way to pull through daddy!!

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