Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Fourth of July

We spent Fourth of July at Weidners cabin in Niobrara.  It was a great time boating, beaching, playing games and eating!!!
Beautiful sun set
Braxton prepping for kindergarten shots. He did great with the exam. Dr Rowher commented on how great he did, then said, I hope shots to this well. Braxton said, shots???!!!  And started crying.  Then when the gals poke his arms, right, left, right, left..he stopped crying and stared at them asking what they were doing. Silly boy!
They poked his finger, too. 
After wards we took Taylor Bender flowers.  We ate at hyvee and when we walked out he saw flowers and wanted to take them to her at her job across the parking lot.  Want a sweetie!!
We have ababa duck!!!  Quackers
Eating with Krings on a random day. 
Playing go fish on our way to Fort Randall camping for the first time!  We got up there late, in the rain, and dark. But it was a great time!!
Great paths for bike riding!
We beached it to look for rocks!!!   Braxton's favorite thing!

Hanging out!  
Beautiful views up here!!
Stopped to go to the bathroom and he came out with shades;)

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