Monday, January 19, 2015


 Can we back up....way back??!?!?  Lets do!
Not having my own computer, it is super hard to get this updated!!   Here we go!
After our awesome trip to Colorado, we were home a few short days...
Braxton LOVES riding his fourwheeler.  I love how he puts his legs up on the fenders (Brad, not so much..he worries about scratches!)
 What an amazing surprise!   Brad's cousin, Jesse, proposed while I was in Colorado.  He arranged a engagement party with friends and family to surprise Amber with after the proposal.  Due to me being in Colorado, I missed it.  But she welcomed me home with this awesome gift!!  Such an honor!  Braxton will be the ring bearer, Brad best man, and Bridesmaid for myself!  Hope we can clean up well!!!
 Why not take another trip?!  Brad and I went to Sturgis...yes, without a motorcycle!   We stayed in Valentine the first night, then onto Buffalo Chip for the weekend.  In Valentine, we stopped at a small, and I mean small bar called Georges Corner, where we met the neatest 80+ year old owner, George.  We spent hours in there chatting with him.  When we left, we both agreed he reminded us of Brads grandpa Glenn!
 While we were gone...Grandpa Bob took Braxton to Charli's soccer games,  where they attacked Charli and Harpers Aunt Rachelle.
 Glad he is missing us....
 We went to concerts at Buffalo Chip at night, and went into Sturgis during the day.
 It downpoured the 2nd night...
 This was before the concert...
 Found us a bar (excuse Brad's shirt)
 Not too often we get out the two of us.....
 ...and glad to see Braxton's enjoying us being gone, too!!
 We got home the night of the bazaar.  We bought our new friend George a shirt from our trip, and we planned to stop at his cafe he owns on our way home...but we missed our turn, and didn't realize it til we were 20+miles closer to home..and with the bazaar that night, we just kept going.  Don't worry, we mailed George his shirt!
 Braxton has been doing SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much better with his crying spells!  He was having a great time with the older kids!  Carter Schaecher really watches over him.  !0 years from now...I can only imagine these two...YIKES!!!
 And Sage Frauendorfer...Braxton adores...

 Some of our loot!

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