Monday, January 19, 2015

End of August and State Fair

We had a wedding in Omaha this weekend, so Braxton spent the night with the Hoefers.  The next day we picked him up from Columbus days!  Hoefers got him a turtle for the turtle races even!  We were SHOCKED Braxton stood in line, paid the person, and went inside this thing!!  Although it was only one week into school, he is a changed boy!  Hes been on melatonin for a few weeks.  Something his doctors mentioned over and over...we just finally gave it a try.  Its sad to think I believe, he acted the way he did due to not enough sleep.  But how do you make a child sleep?! Either way...we are a changed boy!!
 Firemans picnic is always a success!!
 After school Braxton gets to come to the shops!   No MORE DAYCARE!!  It just didn't make sense anymore to pay so much!  He enjoys being here and today he drew me a rocket!  We absolutely LOVE having him here!   Another perk to being self-employed!!!
 And he got to see Uncle Dillon after his haircut!!
 Only one week into school and we are shaving now??!?!?!?!?
 My little sweetheart...picked me flowers!
 WE surprised him with a fish aquarium he's been wanting!(  I think it's a purchase we all wanted!)

 We got a frog...and multiple fish....but, only the first 4 remain with us today (it's January now!)
 The boys cruising!
 Such a stud!
 Brett Michaels Concert with great friends!!!
 He wanted his hair this way!
 Our annual State Fair trip!

 They had people dressed and acting like penguins.  That was a LONG way up!!!!
 That was one long horned bull/cow?!
 Every year Braxton milks this cow. I'd love to match the pics each year and see how much bigger he has gotten each year!  ( The cow stays the same size:)

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