Tuesday, January 20, 2015

October 13, 2014

I was packing up Friday  night to do hair for a wedding Saturday.  I told Braxton a few times to settle down, and then it happened.  My traveling mirror fell and shattered.  He was so crushed!  Before I could speak, he put himself into time out and then we went home and as soon as we went home he went to his room.  He knew he messed up.  Later, he came out and made this.  He asked me to show it to the bride, and tell her he was sorry she didn't have a mirror for her wedding hair.  (of course Jaycee Weidner-bride) couldn't keep it...Braxton can't part with any of his drawings! I was so impressed with his huge heart!!!
 If I recall, he wasn't feeling well....
 Feels fine here, though!
 Big farmind day!!   He got to ride with Alan Bender!!!

 Mr Braxton at work!
 Went out to the J in Albion for bosses day....
 Who is going to pay??!?!

 This kid!  He's hilarious!!

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