Wednesday, January 21, 2015


This lucky little boy won $600 at the Humphrey Bazaar to Cabelas!  (good thing I bought a quilt since I didn't win)
When asked what he wanted to buy, he said a gun.  I've never seen Brad so ANXIOUS to go shopping!  We went to Omaha and let him pick out a few toys, and the gun he got was a 243.  He let me use it deer hunting this year...!!
 Daddy had to ride the ferris wheel with him at is scared! (yes, we went to Cabelas and Scheels)
 We had to work a volleyball game.  This is Marley Hall and Braxton. (classmates)
 And the ninja turtle outfit came....

 He was at Gma & Gpa Busselman's one night and they sent this!  Brad swears they hung him up, but Gma just caught him in action jumping!!!
 Mom's driving is scary....
 Starting to paint pumpkins....
 Of course he picks a ninja turtle....
 I think we did pretty good!!!

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