Sunday, November 14, 2010

...And deer season is off to a I became a 'hunting widow' for a few days! Braxton and I got to hang out doing our usual! Playing tractors, farm, blocks, reading books, nap and church. I know, I know, we lead a crazy life!:) I did get away with a friend Saturday to a craft show, to find out when we got home that Brax slept the ENTIRE time!!! Brad hasn't made it home from the 'mighty hunt' just yet...we are hoping for a wall hanger...let me detail that...we are hoping for a 'wall hanger' to be hung at the shop office:)
Who needs siblings when you have a GIGANTIC duck to pull around?!As every kid loves to help, so does ours! Ohhh...and DO NOT be fooled, it looks as if Brad is doing dishes---HAHAHAHA--he is mixing up deer jerky! Notice the mess and cupboards left open, yep, that's how they remained once he was done:)
After that hard work of helping dad, they sat down to dunk some oreos:)

This is one of the pics off Brad's deer cam...we are hoping he comes home with this or BIGGER!

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