Monday, November 1, 2010

Saying '18 months' makes Braxton sound so little, but '1 1/2' makes him sound like a BIG BOY! His vocabulary is growing each day. He loves to say 'baby' for some reason, and so I've been asking him if he is 'a baby', and of course, he's got the head shake and NO down!!! No is also one of his new favorite words. Makes Brad and I chuckle when he actually uses it in the correct, 'should we go to bed?', or 'do you want to come inside?'....:)
We all got over the flu after a weeks time, from Braxton, to I, to Brad, to Grandma...and hopefully it ended there. I guess a good friend told me that when your kid gets sick from daycare, that means they must be good at sharing! (haha) True in a twisted way, right?!

Braxton has upgraded to a booster seat. I still can't bring myself to put the high chair away though:) If you look closely, the drill has masaquered the cupcake...ahh...what a boy!!!As I was making lunch one day, he brings me his 'little people' movie, so I put it in, turn around minutes later, and he has pulled himself a chair, and enjoying his mac n cheese!!! And you can't forget, he NEEDS the cowboy boots on for EVERYTHING he does!!!
A BEA-U-T-I-F-U-L little Bat girl, teaching my little cow how to share! And Superman and Chad scoping out the 4wheeler...Harper probably wondering why it isn't motorized like his!

a tired little cow with Grandma and Grandpa P
Not exactly the best family photo...Brad looks ..well, eh, drunk? I've got a goofy crooked smile, and Braxton thinks we are pretty funny:) P.S...he wasn't really drunk:)
Great Grandma Korth with a little cow, Pretty Cheerleader, and a dirty Knight
The school hosted an aweome Trick or Trunk, but Braxton was a stray cow trying to find the playground!
I think it's his messy hair that makes me LOVE this photo so much!
He just looks so sweet and innocent:)

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