Sunday, January 9, 2011

Let it snow...let is snow...let it snow...
I hope everyone is enjoying the snow we are getting...Braxton and I went out and scooped early this morning so it was clear for church go'ers...sad to say I biffed it a few times and am a little soar...but it made Braxton chuckle as I went down:)
Braxton and I have enjoyed the weekend together as Brad was gone on a snowmobile trip...I CAN'T wait til my 'turn' to go on a trip comes up!!!---I think it is REAL soon:)
Braxton got to spend some time with Gma & Gpa Preister on Saturday while I went wedding dress shopping with a friend. Glad to say she found a dress and it is BEAUTIFUL!!! It was pretty cute when I went to get him, he was chillin' on the floor snuggled in blankets watching t.v.! If you know my child, that is unheard of!!!
To my knowledge, Brad is headed home with all of his limbs and none of them broken...Can't wait to hear stories...

Braxton helping Brad stir 'something'...he is SO into "HELPING!"
Posing in another new hat...
The 'boys' before Brad took off...Braxton is just as attached to 'hats' as his father!
So..someday Braxton will not enjoy this photo...let the fun times of potty-training begin:(

So I am trying to 'entertain' Braxton the best I can to keep him on the poddy...@ 5:30 this morning, making 'hats' out of his blanky was all I could come up with..but it worked!!! Desperate times for mom here...Feel free to pass any potty-training tips my way...

******************Have a Great week!********************

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