Sunday, January 16, 2011

Out numbered already!!!
I am learning as time goes on, I am getting outnumbered more and more...
I had to do hair for the Hearts dance on Saturday, so Braxton got to hang out with daddy, and Grandpa B. ice fishing!!! (I had to quickly get over it as I am at work looking out my window seeing my 20 month old being pulled in a sled across a frozen pond----) I'm not sure who enjoyed it the looks of the picture I would have to say that was one PROUD Grandpa! Braxton was more excited that he got smarties and a juice box! It amazed me how warm it actually is in them little heated huts! They did catch 'some' fish...not that I could tell you what they I think it was a great day for them:)

-----Hope everyone has a great week!!!------

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  1. Fun! I remember ice fishing with my dad and it was so much fun! Braxton is creating great memories and at such an early age, too! Love you all!