Sunday, October 23, 2011


Oh joy...the tent made it back upstairs in my kitchen! Oh how I've missed this big ol' thing laying around:) Braxton just loves to play in it, but it takes up so much room! He found a new way of playing with it...upside down and sideways!

Friday night I picked Braxton up from school, and we went on a date to Pizza Hut:) Brad was down in Red Cloud--getting things ready for hunting season--so it was just us 2. When we were leaving, they had them lovely vending machine things right by the I let him get this .25 cent thing...I call it a thing because that's what it is! Braxton first called it his penguin, then bird, then owl, now it's a tiny birdie...It's so cute, but I wish I knew what it was..anyways, this little creature goes EVERYWHERE with him! And I mean EVERYWHERE---the bathroom, breakfast table, lunch table, outside, and nap:) Look closely in his right clutched fist:) This is at nap time. Notice the jammies on as well-I wear lounge pants whenever I possibly can, and he thinks they are my 'jammies', so at nap he always wants his 'jammies' on too:)
Saturday night Braxton got to spend the night at "Grandpa Bobby's and Gramma Jody's" He has renamed my dad I guess:) We went to a friend's Halloween Party...good times had by all

We have Bumble Bee Kelly, PA Jamie, and Me the Firefighter

I'm not too creative on ideas for costumes...can ya tell?!

HILARIOUS!!! People come up with such great ideas! Alan off the Hangover was the best!! If you haven't seen the movie, than you will not find this funny, if you have, you are laughing your buns off right now! This man looked legit!!!


Oh...the reason for the Apple Tight heading...SO, when I went to get Braxton this morning, Jody was telling me that she told Brax he needs to get an 'appetite' little man who still doesn't each much. So, when I get there, he tells me, " I wanna eat sumfin, I wanna eat an apple tight at gramma's".... By the sounds of it and looks of it, I'd say Braxton had a great time there! He's been telling Brad stories all day about the backhoe, and forks, and skidloader, and scooping gravel...I guess this is the closest he will get to living on a farm:)

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