Saturday, October 22, 2011

Show & Share

Braxton had his first "Show & Share" at school today!!! He was SO excited when I told him he got to take 'one' toy to show his friends! Of course, he wanted to take all of his tractors, but we narrowed it down to just a skidloader:)

He is SO into stickers right now! He puts them in the strangest places, though!?
He had to take 'grandma's skidloader'...Gramma Sherri gave him this months ago, whether or not it is to 'borrow' or 'keep', he always refers to it as "Gramma Sherri's skidloader"...p.s. hope Gramma S isn't expecting it back:)

We were playing hide and seek, and I opened the tent door to this!!! AHHH!!!

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