Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I call it a convoy, he calls it, 'a garage with a open gate'....kind of makes sense what he sees, eh?!

Braxton is ALWAYS playing with his tractors, and farm equipment, but last week he got to play with the REAL things! We rode with Al Bender in the combine for hours! Al even took it out of auto-steer so Braxton could drive!!! He (Brax) learned so much....he learned how to 'chill in a combine', how to eat the heads off teddy grams...how to eat just the peanuts, and not corn candy...oh...let's see...let's just say Alan had just as much fun as my 2 year old!!! The memories are amazing!
???Braxton wanted pancakes for breakfast...and decided he wanted a "B", like him! (School has taught him his name starts with a B, and he recognizes B's all over the place!!! SO cute:) So, this was my pathetic attempt at a B...sad, I know!!!!! *I thought it was super cute that he asked for this, because when we were little kids, my mom would make letters and designs for us with pancake batter, too:)

We found another purpose for our bench..'it's my little tiny table momma'... He carries his couch into the kitchen every morning now and has breakfast like this...if that's what it takes for him to eat, I'm ALL FOR IT!!! Who needs rules?!?!?

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