Sunday, October 9, 2011

Who's Birthday?!??!?!

(check out the bed head!)

We had to run to Albion to get some totes so we..I mean, I (Amanda) can pack away all the things in the camper:( It's going to be a sad time this week when I have to pack the camper away, knowing it'll be at least 6 months till we see it again:( When we got home from church we skimmed the adds. It was so cute watching Braxton look at the add for Bomgaars...he held only a partial page of the add--you bet, the page with ALL the tractors, trailers, toys, etc! The entire way there, he asked, 'do we get to go to the John Deere store and get me a toy momma?' Considering he was good in church...he picked out a semi with trailer, and a 'escabader' on it. He even wanted to 'wait till we get home momma and open it den'. He was so proud to call grandpa bob and tell him ALL about it!
Randomly, I opened a box of cereal to find an Unwanted Spongebob! Those of you who have seen this cartoon totally understand why I say "unwanted!" Anyways, Braxton spotted it, and I told him he could play with him for a bit...seconds later, he had the little toy turned over and was 'burpping him momma!'....hmm??? Where did that come from?!? And soon after, Spongebob found his way into the trash can...just seemed to jump right in there:)

It's like it was his birthday today! Aunt Kelly showed up for a surprise visit! They made a tent as you can see:) Always fun when Aunt Kelly shows up! (She is no longer Aunt's now Kelly!)

Then....our friend Barry brought over a backhoe!!! I thought it was for Braxton...but as you can see...well, you see!!! (OH MY...look at all them toys in this picture!!! How embarrassing!)

Typically Braxton doesn't eat much, and STILL often wakes up through the before bed we try and give him a 'snack' to hopefully fill his little belly for the night! Sometimes works, sometimes doesn't! He was SO proud of his 'apple carmel', that I finally remembered to buy! I LOVE this cheesy little grin! (pardon the unmatching jammies that Dad put on him!:)

While Braxton took nap today I cleaned/rearranged/tossed things/organized the storage room. We have quickly noticed lately how we are really running out of room in every room of our house..even the storage room is too small. After today, though, I do feel like I made some more room for more junk...Spending all day in the storage room, I came across a lot of things, and thought about many things, too....

I find myself really thinking about many things lately, so stop reading..because here comes the rambling!!!-----------

Okay, warned you , and yet, here you still are reading...

*Do I really need to keep the 10 large totes of Braxton's baby clothes around?!? I feel selfish! He practically wore a new outfit everyday of his life until age 1...I feel that I should give them to someone to use...but yet I hoard them in my storage room that I don't even have room for!!!

*I look at the 2 large Christmas trees in the storage room, and my 6 pencil trees?! Really Amanda!!! 8 trees?!?!?---on that thought, November 18-20, Lindsay is hosting a Festival of Trees, at which a friend and I will be decorating a tree for it! (wonder where we will get a spare tree from?!?) SO, mark your's SO Fun! Vendors, crafters, food, and much more!

*There is a sweet little voice at 10:07pm saying, 'momma, I need wotion on, momma! MOMMA!!!'...and it makes me smile at HOW SWEET he is!!! Everyday I look at this AMAZING little man in my life and SMILE and wonder how we got so lucky!!! Despite the middle of the night awakenings, and the whiny little spats, I'm right now hearing, "mom mom momma, where you at?"... I LOVE IT!!! I LOVE hearing MOMMA come out of his sweet little mouth! At the supper table tonight, he surprised Grandma and Grandpa Busselman by saying his ABC's! He did GREAT! He skipped a few letters, but it was adorable! I wish so badly that I could stay home with him ALL DAY and do the stay-at-home mom thing, but I know that just isn't possible. But, if I did stay home, I know deep down that there is NO WAY he would know as much as he does! Daycares are wonderful for kids!!!
(so, his hands were sticky from the apple--that's what he was wanting--:)

So, while I may not remember to wash his hands off, I know I'm not mother of the year...but I am pretty proud of my 2 1/2 year old! By all means, I am not taking all the credit...Brad is SO great with him. For months these 2 boys of mine have been planning the deer hunting trip! I really think Brad is more excited at this point! I will admit, I'm jealous, but watching these 2 do things together melts my heart:)

Okay, enough random thoughts here...Have a great week!

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