Monday, October 31, 2011


Who says Halloween is only for a day?!?!? Our plan to trick-or-trunk got changed when we got a phone call from the Bender's!!! Bender's=FARMING!!! Braxton was SOOO excited to go drive the combine!!! All I kept hearing was 'mom, you ride with Alan, and I will ride with Jordan, I'm big and can go by myself '....oh man, he doesn't want me already:( We skipped nap and rode for hours...he even drove-seriously drove on his own! Jordan would point, and away Braxton would go in that direction!!! He worked so hard, he fell asleep!!! So, nap began at 4pm...3 hours late:/ So, when we woke him at 6pm, you can about imagine the monster we had on our hands...Note to self...DO NOT SKIP NAP!!!

I can into the living room Sunday to find him shooting his horse:/ (But really, look at that stance)
This was the rig Braxton got to drive!!!!!!

...and this is what the result was after driving...I swear he normally fits in his bed!

Our little Tiger..or Lion as he says...he really wanted to be a lion, so I may have told him he was:)

Give him what he wants and he will be your best friend! He LOVES Jessica (Pelster)

He was running away from "Gene Werner"..but first he had to chase him and tickle him with his tail...

Grandpa Johnny Bob, Gramma Sherri, and Braxton (that is what he calls grandpa!!!)

..and Aunt Kelly

Grandpa Bobby John, Grandma Jody, and Braxton (his new name for this Grandpa) What is really funny, is that while we were pregnant, and didn't know what we were having, when I mentioned boys' names, Brad kept saying, "let's name it "johnny bob, or bobby john if it's a boy"...well, thank God he was kidding:) NO offense your names:) Dad was pretending to throw him into the air and he was giggling so hard!!! He even got a horsy ride from dad, my favorite ride as a little girl!!!

This is a little of what we brought home from the farm...REAL CORN!!!

Grandma Debbie & Braxton

Uncle Dillon and Braxton...this is my 'little brother' who is almost bigger than me!!! I interrupted his basketball game with a buddy, he wasn't impressed. Guess I'm not that cool big sister he once thought I was:(

Trick or treating at Uncle Lyle's...he was giving kittens away...Brad was a fun hater and we left without one:(

I'm not even kidding..these 2 were dancing to 'boots with the fur...down low...bla bla bla"...but HOW CUTE!!! Check out these moves! They were totally insync with each other!!! (all you single ladies...Uncle Lyle is single...29 years old...great personality...yes, I am really pimping him out on my child's blog!!!)

Great Grandma Korth and Braxton He told her his ABC's, so she gave him MORE much candy that she reminded us we could freeze the candy bars for later...

I will take what I can get for a family photo:)


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