Thursday, November 3, 2011

BCH Lunchdate

Today Braxton and I went for a much overdue lunch date with my old college roommate/friend Danielle, and her sweety little girl, Brynlee (LOVE LOVE LOVE her name!)

The last time we had lunch, Braxton was probably 1 if even, and Danielle wasn't even pregnant! Like I said, much overdue lunch date!!!

The kids both did great! We sat for over 2 hours and the kids were both so content, and even shared toys by the time it was time to leave!

Braxton wanted to say 'cheese' he said...can you see it?!
It's sideways, but the gal working brought them both a balloon animal, this was our turtle...which Braxton wants to know what a turtle says?!??! ANYONE know??? (Jenny, I know what your answer would be..but only McKenna needs to be taught that:)

Braxton was so surprised that a 'grrl would play with a tactor'...

So she handed over Elmo for him...good trade!

I had some errands to do while in the big city, and 10 minutes into walmart, he says, 'mom, I'm not gonna take a nap, I just wanna pretend'...and he was out!! Ever carry a 2.5 year old thru walmart and push a FULL cart of junk?!? WHEW!! I was sweating!!! Pathetic, I know:) So, he was exhausted, and 3 hours later, still remains yard is waiting to be mowed, and my leaves are waiting to be raked...wake up wake up....(never thought I would want nap time to be over!)


What's happening in my house RIGHT now... My dryer, my very old dryer, has decided it doesn't want to stop! When the buzzer (which sounds like a dying buzz) goes off, it doesn't stop till you open the door, and as soon as you shut the dryer to make it stop buzzing, it immediately starts back up! Anyone need anything dried??? So, question of the day, do I let it constantly buzz, or constantly dry round and round:)

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