Friday, October 14, 2011

I don't feel good Momma...

Throughout the night, Braxton was up more than his usual..which was my first thought of something being suspicious...and the fact that he wanted to 'hold my hand' at 3am...was another. Because of the rough patches thru the night, we all ended up waking up later than we needed, so we were rushing to get out the door--I thought he seemed warm, but he sleeps with 33 animals, and 12 blankets, so I didn't think much til he said, "I don't feel so good Momma", and he showed me his sad face and started to cry:( I took his temp, to see 101.4 and 101.2 in his ears...So..of course today was our turn for 'snack day', so we still dropped off our snacks, and headed to the shop to rearrange our day. While he calmly sat there while I did some calling, yep, you can about imagine what happened next...the flu set in:( Brad and I have learned to stay calm, and Braxton didn't even cry, he just got more sad:( (Don't worry, I scrubbed, wiped and sanitized the shop over and over!!!) He hasn't gotten sick since about 10:30am, but he is miserable. He's sitting at 103.5 right now for a fever, and watching a truck movie--which seems to be making him a little less sad. Really, if you could see him, it's So heartbreaking how sad his voice even is

~No one has been sick at school or daycare, so leave it up to us to start the flu~Sorry Ya'll!!

He is drinking water, which is good..but can you see how pink his little cheeks are:(
He has taken a nap from 11:30am-2:30pm, and another from 3:15pm-4:30pm...wonder what the night will lead to....

Going to bed last night, all seemed great...Daddy and him loaded up all the tractors and were heading them to bed after a long hour of farming:)

...and THIS is why I was determined to drop snacks off! I wasn't about to have 30 basketball, (yea, I know-pathetic--they turned into baseballs sort of instead of basketballs!)footballs..... and butterflies all around my house all weekend long! Don't worry..we sent carrots and dip for the healthy part!

Hope everyone has a great weekend...And stays healthy:)

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