Thursday, October 13, 2011

WANTED: 2 year old boy!!

WHY? Why didn't someone tell me how much EASIER things are with two 2 year olds?!?! HAHA:)

Today we had Logan come over for a play date! I think his daddy was thrilled so he could get out to the fields, and mommy was excited to get to go to work...and I was THRILLED Braxton would have a ''buddy" for the day! Winner winner all around!!

Luckily Braxton has almost 2 of everything!!! It made sharing so much easier!
If you look closely out the 3rd window will see what they see! (a skidloader!) Yea, Logan is standing on a book, but he IS just that much bigger! Logan is about 8 weeks younger, yes, younger than Brax...our runt:)

I just L*O*V*E this!!! Look at all them toys surrounding them! They drug out EVERY toy in our house...and toys I forgot we had...they found:) SO FUN!!!

I didn't really know how nap was going to work...considering every where I wanted to lay Logan, I heard, "momma, that's my bed, momma that's my couch, momma that's my floor"...AGGHHH!!! Child of Mine!!!!! Finally, I gave in...Braxton got his ultimate wish!--he went to nap in "MY" bed, and Logan got the cars couch, and ALL were happy!!! Look at how sweet he is!!!!
I'm baking some fun cutout cookies, it is Braxton's turn to take snack we will make it a fun/healthy snack (not sure what the healthy part is going to be yet:)

This is SO fun...I feel like a stay-at-home mom right now! Two kids sleeping, I'm cleaning and one burst my bubble, as I know staying home isn't always this easy! But, I'm ABSOLUTELY LOVING IT RIGHT NOW!!!!

Check out this stud rockin MY bed!!!

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