Sunday, November 6, 2011


He wanted to say cheese:)
The boys enjoying their homemade smoothies and peanuts

Braxton gets to take snacks tomorrow for all his friends. SO we made these little turkies, and don't worry, I got pounds of grapes all cut up, too:)

I was getting a little tired of doing them, as you can see some have drooping eyes, large eyes, missing tail feathers, beat up beaks,'s like they really came from the wild! I should see how many calories are in one of these...2 oreos, reeses peanut butter cup, candy corn, whoppers, and a lota frosting--sorry moms, your kids are coming home on a sugar high tomorrow:) Your Welcome! (it's just like they are when they come home from Grandma's:)

***Right now in our house***

Braxton lays in bed trying to sleep, hacking/barking...poor little man. He is doing better than last night that is for sure! He hasn't had a fever anymore today, and the coughing/gagging, has downsized to just coughing..and he isn't itching at his ears...we have a mini drug store in our house from prior sicknesses, so we got: benadryl, cough syrup, tylenol, motrin, decongestant, antibiotic...hmm..what else?! NO, I do not have him on all these...I'm just saying we decided against the dr today, since we figured we got all he would prescribe anyways. The vapor humidifier hasn't stopped running yet...but don't think it's helping much:(

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