Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Run Santa Run!!!

While Brad was gone this past weekend deer hunting, I participated in my first 5K race!!! I wasn't sure how I would like it, but I LOVED IT!!! I ended up running with some gals originally from Lindsay, and had a blast with them!!! My time was 29m3?s, which for me was great! Always room for improvement! Braxton got to go to Great Aunt Peggy's house while I ran...and I'm still hearing tractor stories about her:)

I don't know where I am, but this is what we ran in! HILARIOUS!!!
Ahh..he wanted a picture of, 'me and you momma'

Goof balls! Tay-der taught Braxton how to 'bicycle'...their new fun game I hear:)

I was taking a picture of something this morning, and he said, 'momma, will you take a picture of my es-ca-bader'

This is what I was originally taking a pic of...how funny...he stacks things so nicely! (notice the pile of corn is still around!!!)

...'and momma, take a picure of my sem-ma-mi'


Got to share this!

Monday night we were driving to a meeting, and this is what I hear from the backseat of my VAN.

Braxton:'momma, can we get a new car?'


Braxton:'can daddy buy us a new car?'

Momma:'what would we do with our van?'

Braxton:'maybe we can give it back to Santa?'

Momma::)'what kind of car do you want?'

Braxton:'a fancy one!'

Momma:'who has a fancy one? what do you mean?'

Braxton:'a fancy car like Debbie mom, then we would be cool"

OH MY !!! It dawned on me! Sunday night, we were at "Debbie's house", and in her garage sits a new suv...I made the comment, "whew Debbie...look at your fancy car, you are cool!" This child of mine is ALWAYS listening!

SO, tonight when I went to pick him up, he says, 'mom, you didn't get a fancy car yet, why?!"

Oh, Braxton! SOMEDAY! Really, what is wrong with my 2005, paid for-salvage titled-mini-van with hail damage?! Is it possible to embarrass a 2.5 year old?!?!?!?!!?!?

p.s. Brad got a 5x6---yay!!!

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