Thursday, November 10, 2011

W.o.r.d.s. say it all...

Last night, Brad, Braxton and I were driving and Braxton is SO quiet when he talks... So,

Amanda:"what did you say buddy?"

Braxton:"stop talking mom, I am talking to my daddy, not you"

Brad:(with a smirk)"what's up buddy?"

and the conversation went on without was about deer hunting, so I stopped listening!

Earlier, Brad was telling me that they went and picked up a 4wheeler to borrow from a friend and Braxton was asking why we don't have a 4wheeler, and why Jerry has one, and that "Jerry has everything!!!" REALLY!?!? At the age of 2.5, does this really start this young?!? He also informed Brad that when he turns 3 1/2 he is going to come to work with him!!! Well, CHEAP daycare is all I thought:) Listening to the things Braxton says, and asks about amazes when he was climbing on my back, felt my bra strap and insists on knowing what it is, and what it is for?! to answer that one?!

He also informed me that he 'wants to be the baby, but just pretend he's my baby, because he is really a big boy'...well, consider it done:)

I think it may be a long weekend as Brad is deer hunting without Braxton:( Brad has informed him that he is going to 'find the deer', that way when they go back next weekend, they can shoot them..we will see how this pans out!!!

Hope everyone is having a good week!!! Another weekend is almost here:)

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