Monday, January 30, 2012

A lot Of Everything...

Things have been so busy lately!!! (sigh) And I know we are just getting started!!! Brad and I are on the Fun Night Committee..which is one of the biggest fundraisers for our parish. It is fun being a part of something so big, but nerve-racking knowing A LOT is on our shoulders!! We have had sooo many meetings and preperations...and on Saturday, the 28th, the big night went on and it was GREAT!!! More details and pictures to follow...for now...let's get back to Braxton:)

As I was picking up toys before bed, I had to stop in my tracks and just take this in. Braxton had his bull driving the tractor as you see...and the tow truck, with 2 tow ropes hooked up to pull it out...ohh, the imagination:)
It kind of appears he is looking at me, but really he was focused on the t.v. behind me...he looks so seriuos!
Brad took off work early today to go get Braxton and take him ice fishing!!! What a fun surprise to Braxton!!!! I'm so lucky that my shop window can see the Lindsay puddle where they was adorable! I snuck down quickly inbetween clients to snag some photos:) To my understanding, both boys put a pole in the water...and Braxton caught all 11!!!
This picture makes me cry happy tears!! ***LOVE*** my boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tonight I put capri lounge pants on...(a little behing on laundry) and Braxton stared at me for a bit before saying, 'umm, mom..I think you need to pull your short pants down' So, we had a quick fashion tip about what capris are:)

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