Sunday, June 10, 2012

Circus Circus

The boys got the swimming pool down the other night.  Although it was freshley filled just minutes prior, Braxton still wanted to go down the slide!!  He was pretty excited when the neighbor girls (Gracie & Ana) came over:)
 Last week I heard the circus was in Columbus!  When Brad and I were in Florida my dad & Jody took Braxton to it and that's ALL we heard about for a month!!!  So, I was SUPER excited to go!  Dad says we went to the circus in Lindsay when I was super little ( I don't remember of course) and Brad says he remembers going though...I wonder if I spotted Brad back then!?!:)  So, this trip to the circus was partially for me;)
 This little stinker is now into 'not smiling' and making funny faces...I swear he really was happy and having fun!!!
 SEE!!!!  I told you he was happy:)
 These dogs were sooo cute!!
 ...try not to smile....
 ...try not to..........
 ahhh...couldn't do it!!!   He LOVED that pony!!!
 I promise Braxton is not deprived of anything!!!  When we are home, he likes to take nap in his pajama pants.  I think it's cute!  So, I let him pick a pair out...he was telling me something was wrong with his pants.  I turn around to see this.  I swear they are not that short...and yes, now he closes his eyes for pictures!!!  ( oh my...look at his socks I just my defense I went to work today, and Brax and his daddy picked his clothes out! Which, Brad brought that firefighter shirt home from fire school for Brax:)  Always spoiling him!!!
 soo, maybe they are a little short!!!
I LOVE YOU Braxton!!!

Had to laugh...I was doing dishes and Braxton was playing with his motorcycle.  I hear him talking about it having a flat tire...he was pretending to be "Dale Schaecher" funny!!  For those of you who do not know, Dale is the local Lindsay Oil tire fixer!!!  Braxton's imagination is growing wild!  He is starting to pretend to be characters, and talks in many different voices and persons.  I'm glad he plays well alone;)  Although lately he is back on he kick of asking for a whoever is putting these ideas in his head, STOP IT:)  (Just kidding)
Have a great week!!!

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