Thursday, June 21, 2012

Not Forgotten

Dad took the boys our for a bike type ride:)  My Uncle Chuck made this cool contraption!!!  Don't be fooled, it was a CHORE to pedal this thing!!!
 I don't believe I have taken a picture with my dad in years!!!  Happy Father's Day Dad!!!  Although I'm sure you don't even know I have a blog :) ...Braxton, just so you know, Your Grandpa is amazing!!  Over the years growing up, us kids went through a lot, but reguardless of that, Grandpa Bob always provided for us, and he is one of the best men in my life!!! (next to you and daddy!) Love Ya Dad!
 I asked the kids to PLEASE not dump the corn and beans out, so when I came into the room to this..I asked what they were thinking, an sweetly, the boys replied with, "but the animals were hungry, so we had to feed them!" do you argue with that?!!
 Sprinkler time!!  I love this...look carefully, Conner is plugging his nose as he runs through!!!:) ADORABLE!!!!
 Little Miss Londyn loved getting her head wet!!!
 It took my scardy-cat a bit, but he eventually loved it, to0!!

 ...and I'm probably busted,but yes Jen, I gave the kids popsicles!!!! MMMM!!!!  and THAT may be why I'm the favorite Aunt!!!!  HA

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