Sunday, June 24, 2012

On the road again

We took off Thursday for Casper Wyoming, to Brad's cousin, Alishas' wedding.  A few weeks prior we had her shower and a BBQ, so Braxton refers to her as, "the girl on the couch".  No, she is not lazy;) --she was trying to rest and Brax kept bothering her!  He grew quite attached to her!  He could not wait to see her in her dress!!!
So, whether it was the 8 hours in the car, the junkfood snacks, the altitude, the swimming at the hotel, the pizza before bed, or the staying up late...either way, Braxton got the flu through the night:(  It was a looong night of changing bedding, washing clothes, and Braxton eventually started feeling better around noon.  We attended the reception later, and he had sooo much fun.   
 When we got situated at he hotel, Brad & Braxton made this contraption of a bed!
 Feeling better later Saturday...

 He will be awfully sad when this 'scary bug tie' doesn't fit anymore!
 Braxton & Emma ( he was smiling so cute at her!)although I captured the pic  little too late)
 Grandpa, Grandma, and daddy even got us some bubbles from the ceremony!
 Why is it so hard to capture a good picture?!?
 We are always looking different ways:)
 I kiss kiss the bubbles!!!
 Ignore the pants falling down, and undies showing...and capture that shy little boy wanting the brides attention!!!  His pants fit the week prior, I guess the flu really shrunk him up:(
 Braxton told Brad he wanted a picture with me!YAY!  Then, he grabs my nose as Brad says, 'cheese'! Little sTiNkEr!
 He wanted to help Brad tie his shoe!!  Too Cute*
 :) Braxton doing the chicken dance:)
 On the way home we ventured through Scotts Bluff.  As we went through the tunnels, Brad and Braxton shouted, 'heeelllllloooo heeeellllooooo'...
 ...and Braxton thought this was hilarious!!!
 Attempting to find Chimney Rock!
 Doing a little hiking in 100+ temperatures.
 These heights scared mommy!!!
 But I made it up there for a picture:)
 Checking out the wagons from the Oregon Trail
 Braxton was so curious as to why these ox weren't real, because fake ones can't pull a wagon!
 This was the bluff we drove up
 Chimney Rock!
 We got to Fort Kody (where Brad loved to go when he was little!!!) and we rode the go karts, bumper cars, and even the train!!!
Braxton is a GREAT little traveler!  Makes it a lot easier to go on these trips!  We didn't get in till after 1am last night, and we ALL enjoyed sleeping in, which is quite rare (as in---it never has happened!)  Now, I'm left to unpack and put away-almost done!!
Hope everyone has a great week, hard to believe July is almost here!!!

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