Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Braxton and our neighbor Jerry were battling out whose 4wheeler was faster...looks to me like Braxton may be winning:)

 ..depending on the finish line...they are both winning...
 Braxton and I took 'mommy & me' swimmimg lessons the month of June in Albion.  They recently redid their pool, so it was FREEZING!!!  Braxton did 'okay'..each time we went was a whole different experience.  He went from a fish in the water that I couldn't even hold onto!!  (he of course had floaties on)
 Braxton's instructor, Lonelle!  She gave them all adorable cookies with fish and their names' on it! He thought that was the best part!
Braxton's new 'boat/canoe' as he called it:)  
We had sooo much fun catching lighening bugs!  When I was younger, my neighbor and I had such a blast catching these bugs...I'm glad Braxton enjoys it!!
The little fishermen...

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