Tuesday, October 16, 2012


...whole bunch of random!!!
Braxton was pretty excited to get a 4wheeler!  I hope he is always happy with not having brand new!
 I don't believe I have ever posted a picture of our basement...the mancave dungeon!!  Braxton has an overage of toys,  so some have migrated to the basement.(including the horses!)  He loves to go down the and practice with his 'lasso', as he says!
 YES!!!  I put my child in a purple car at the Humphrey Bazaar, but can you read it?!?!  Harper and Charli are in the cars to follow...
 After church, and rolls, Braxton was excited to go to the park with Callista.  They also go to daycare together and are buds!!!
 Pumpkin Patch time already!!!    (Brad was down working on their huning mancave, so we took our annual trip without him).......He was laughing hysterically that this animal took hay from him!
 "mom,  take  my  pppiiiiccctttuuurrreee"
 and halfway down he did this...such a character!
Few and close to none...a picture of one of our dogs...remember Dozer?!?
Brax & Mommy at the pumpkin patch
 "mom, get a picture of me jumping big!!!"
 Braxton & Beauty
Every year he rides the horse, not sure if it's the same one or not...I will have to back track on that!
 (it was quite windy and dusty)
I'm that mom..that somewhat keeps a distance...but yet follows the train.  Sorry, but something about putting my child in a train that goes thru corn mazes, and behind trees and buildings with a little stranger creeps me out...
 Braxton had more fun at the Apple orchard picking our own pumpkins.  This face was his 'smile' he gave me.  He has this new thing about raising his eyebrows, too.  Makes us chuckle!!
 After some convincing, Braxton agreed to let Hermann-Cruiser go.  We weren't sure what winter would bring for he ole thing...
He was so proud to carry him to his new home.  We assured him we will get another next year.  He wanted to know if Carson (his cousin who gave it to him) would be sad....he is always concerned with other people's feelings!
So funny....immediately after he crawled out of the bucket, he went under water and was gone....we stayed for a bit, and minutes later he swam up, let out some bubbles, and then swam away again!  I told Braxton he was saying "bye" :)
His homemade fishing pole:)

Braxton started at the new Lindsay Daycare today!!!  He was excited that he got to take a backpack.  He posed for these pictures, and wanted to take more!!  Reminds me of when we were little, and our mom posed us infront of trees and doorways on our first day...must be a mom thing??!?!
"Mommy, take one this way so I can see my backpack!"

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