Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Part 1...

Lindsay Holy Family Bulldogs made it into the football playoffs, so Trick or Trunk and Trick or Treating got moved to Sunday, since we will play tonight.   Our little Pirate woke up from nap a little arrr-ngry!  So, it took him a bit to get excited, but he ended up having so much fun!  I think he enjoyed it most when the kids would come to our door!(of course, after he realized I wasn't giving away his candy, he was good to go) 
Earlier last week, we carved pumpkins!!  Those of you who have done this, do you wear gloves to your elbows, too?!  The insides creeped me out!!EWW!!  I laughed when Braxton came out of the mudroom with his gardening gloves on!!!  He thought the inside of the pumpkin was hilarious!
 So, like many of you, pinterest in my best friend, so we took the cookie cutter idea!  I went to grab something, and came back to my little helper going at it!!!
 I forgot to change my camera setting, so when we lit the candle inside, it didn't quite glow like I expected to capture:)
 COWBOY!!!  We totally have a cowboy on our hands!
 ...and pinterest again!!  We replaced a window in the mudroom, so I kept the blinds to make roman shades...I'm under $25 into it I kept telling Brad, so I wasn't too concerned with the outcome.  I think we all were shocked that they turned out!!!  I haven't gotten the window stained yet, so the shades aren't up, but I'm excited to show them!   (still in shock they turned out!)  Braxton had to go grab his tools the second I mentioned 'project'. 
 Gma P. gave Braxton this wish bone...he had to wait for it to dry, and he was so excited to say the least, to wish upon it!!!   He went a different route with this bone vs. his last one.  He decided to make 2 wishes and pull with his own 2 hands...I suppose it was a win/win for him.  And again, after he broke, I hear, "mommy, I wished we could be best friends forever and ever and ever"....AHHhhh, my sweetheart!
 Ready to Trick or Treat Sunday!  Gma B.  pretty much filled his entire basket:)  We emptied it, and prepped for some more...
 And now days they hand out whole cans of pop?!??!!  The gentleman told Braxton to pick a treat. (he had pop lining his sunkist, strawberry sunkist, pepsi, root beer, purple sunkist...all kids' favorites) and a pouty little pirate responds with, "I don't like that stuff. my mom says I can't drink pop.  u got any candy???"   The gentleman couldn't believe it!  He asked how old he was, and then told him all 3 1/2 year olds drink pop!  Considering this gentleman was a 'Bender', and had JD tractors all over his home, Braxton took his words like they were gold!!!   We settled on a root beer, and guess who now LOVES pop??!!?!
 What kid doesn't change their mind?!  By the end of the evening, Braxton went to the neighbors as a 'cowboy'.  The neighbor asked him if he had a girlfriend...Braxton's response, "YEP!!  2!!  Calli and Jayda...they don't know each other though!"   He almost sounded like it was okay since they didn't know each other!!! HA!   I often wonder what the years will bring our way!!!

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