Thursday, October 11, 2012


Story Time.
Sunday in church, Braxton whispers to me, as he points to Jesus, "Mommy, I told Jesus to put a baby in your tummy!"   No Comment:)
Monday morning, Brad is leaving for work and says, "hey, before you leave town stop and give me a ride to the plant."  20 mins later as we are walking out the door, (And I remind you I forgot about Brad!) Braxton says, "mommy, why does daddy want a flower and pot????"  "What are you talking about buddy?!"  "Member mommy, daddy said he wanted a ride to the flower and pot store?!"  :)
"Mommy, I want to eat food, but I want to stay little so I can be your little boy forever and ever, okay mommy???"
"Why do I have to sleep in my bed by myself and you get to sleep with daddy every night?"
This is a short review of our week.  Today is Thursday,  I can't wait to hear what the next question will be!!!

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