Thursday, October 4, 2012

Mixed up

Last night on our way home Braxton asked if I had anything to drink along.  I told him I forgot some water for him.  He  told me he likes water, milk, and juice, and sometimes root beer.  Followed by, "kid beer mom.. I sometimes like kid beer".  WHAT?...  "You remember mom, when uncle Lyle gave me root beer? And I kind of liked it?  That's called kid beer".   I tried to explain that it wasn't beer.  It was pop.  "Then why isn't it called root pop mom????"  Um???? Well, it's just the name they call it.  "Mom......that's REALLY mixed up!!!!!!!!" We'll, yes, yes it is:)  
Lately Braxton has been talking a lot about Jesus, and babies.  Braxton's buddy, Tucker, his mommy is having another baby!! He cannot understand why they are getting another, because they already have baby Trevor!  He has been asking how babies get in your tummy, how they get out, and why Jesus only gives some people babies.....questions that I'm not sure how to answer....and last night was a new one.  He wants to know why we can't go to heaven and live with Jesus right now! We answer him the best we can, but sometimes my answers seem silly to me.  I mean, really, how much info can you honestly tell your 3year old!?!?!?!?!?!
Stepped outside...41 degrees..could be cold mowing today! We skipped mowing last night when it was 75 degrees...we decided taking one last combine ride for 2012 was much more important!!!  Braxton halfway thru tried to kick me out, so he could ride with Alan by himself.  Tells me when he is four I have to stay home!!  It was an adventurous night in the combine.  A bunch of rabbits were running out of the end rows, so that was pretty cool to him.  One of the guys in the grain cart, Buggi,(not sure his real name?? Dale maybe??) was singing songs over the radio to Braxton.  Hilarious!!! Braxton even got to talk over the radio.  My favorite was when he said "10/4 roger rabbit".  Another perk we have around here in the small town.  I love these fun outings Braxton gets to be a part of!!!

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