Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Wild Hogs...

Check out this cute little client of mine!!  First time he let me wash his hair at the shop...he giggled the whole time! 
 Braxton has been eyeing these cheez balls from "the target" for months...the Easter bunny pulled through!
 ..and he has been wanting a slinky for EVER!!!
 Brad went to Texas a few weeks ago on a wild hog hunt, so Braxton and I went to the zoo!!  We had such a fun time!  The penguins are still his favorite!  ..side wild hog was brought home...but Brad really enjoyed his trip away!!!
 Obviously can't get measured with boots  on...haaa
 The gentlemen in the backround was NOT with us:)
 My little man and I ...and our new shark:)
 He told me to take his picture...and he posed....the kids before him sitting there did monkey see..monkey do at the zoo!
He made himself a bird nest..oh the imagination...
 Always fun to get a new car seat!!!  Every time he gets a new one, I take a picture, and then tell Brad how big he is getting...but it's crazy to compare each time!  Such a big boy in the makings!

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